No Place Like Home



Home – Springfield, Ohio

Well I’m back in Cusco after a month long home visit to Ohio for the holidays. It was so very refreshing to be reunited with my family and friends! I made it even more exciting by going home early to surprise most of them. ūüėČ Shortly after returning home I attended my graduation ceremony which was a pretty awesome feeling, especially having all of my family there to share it with me. So I am officially a Wright State University alumni! I didn’t do anything extravagant during my visit, I just wanted to spend quality time with¬†everyone and it was perfect. After the new year, I was having mixed feelings of being ready to return to Cusco, but not wanting to leave everyone at home. The struggle is real having people you love so much in different parts of the world! But I was eager¬†to get back to my life in Peru and begin¬†all of these new endeavors! Saying goodbye to everyone was difficult,¬†as always, and I already cannot wait to see them again.


Graduation – WSU

goodbyeUpon returning to my new home I was reunited with Leo and we began working. Leo is now managing his family¬†hotel in Plaza de Armas in the center of Cusco. The hotel came with a lot of work so we have been busy every day getting things rearranged, and starting fresh with the business to get ready for high season in April. He and I work together on as much as possible and we make a good, productive¬†team. As if the work at the hotel wasn’t enough,¬†I am now in my second week of my online Masters program. Wow, is it a lot of work! Well, mostly lots of reading. So I am a busy lady these days!

My birthday is just around the corner, in February, and I’ve been wanting to do something adventurous to celebrate. Leo and I decided to spend a week in the northern coast of Peru, Tumbes, at a beach called Punta Sal. The ocean¬†IS my happy place and its been way too long since I’ve visited the beach. There is really no other place I would rather spend my birthday. Can’t wait!


Plaza de Armas – Cusco, Peru


Other than that, I’m just getting back into the groove of things as being a Cusquena, and working on attaining¬†my Peruvian residency. Construction in Larapa is still underway and is making lots of progress. We are hoping to be able to move into our final apartment in a few months. I will do my best to keep y’all posted during these hectic¬†and exciting times!

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